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Aerial device – 15M

Aerial device – 15M

Aerial device – 15M, 2 buckets is a hydraulic equipment with an insulating boom, for aerial maintenance work in energized locations; equipped with two buckets made of insulating material; with controls in the buckets and at the base, with priority for those at the base, fully complying with Annex XII of NR-12.

Referência Descrição
PA0100003Aerial device – 15M, 2 buckets liners
Working height15,00m
Ground height to bucket liner edge13,17m
Maximum capacity per bucket liner136,00kg
Ground height to platform1,00m
Horizontal reach arm at vertical6,0m
Horizontal reach6,00m
Number of A-stabilizing pads 04
Oil reservoir40L
Lower arm opening angle0-120°
Upper arm opening angle0-180°
Rotation systemInfinito
Maximum working pressure175BAR
Approximate equipment weight1.600kg
TECMARQUES equipment fully complies with the standards established in Annex XII of NR 12. Below are the items addressed in the EQUIPMENT.
Anchorage point for a parachute-type safety belt;
Lower and upper controls for the operation of the winch and pressure valve for load limitation on aerial baskets equipped with a winch and JIB for material lifting, if this accessory is requested. Safety locking device to prevent inadvertent actuation of the upper controls; Upper controls on your side of the bucket, easily accessible to the operator.
Easily accessible lower controls provided with means to prevail over the upper control of the bucket movement; Emergency stop device in the upper and lower controls that work in both cases.
Check valves in the hydraulic cylinders of the stabilizer feet and holding valves with counterbalance in the hydraulic cylinders of the moving arm to prevent undesired movements in case of pressure loss in the hydraulic system;
Stabilizer system, with installed tilt indicator in a location that allows for viewing during stabilizer operation, to show if the equipment is positioned within tilt limits.
Stabilizer controls protected against inadvertent use, which return to the neutral position when released by the operator, located at the base of the mobile unit, so that the operator can see the stabilizers in motion; Selector valve, next to the stabilizer control, which in one position blocks the activation of the stabilizers and in the other position the movement controls the bucket(s).
Emergency operation function that allows the rotation of the arms and tower in case of hydraulic hose rupture.
Grounding point.

We guarantee the products offered against any and all manufacturing defects for a period of 12 (twelve) months from the date of the invoice, provided they are subject to normal use and conservation. The warranty will be due after analysis and verification of the defect by our technical assistance department and under the condition FOT-FÁBRICA Goianira/GO. Warranty of parts subject to normal wear and tear or defects caused by improper use of the equipment. The warranty will not be voided if the recommendations contained in the warranty, operation, and maintenance manuals of the equipment are not complied with.
For equipment assembled in our factory, a free operation course will be provided to your company, where all necessary guidelines for the safe use of the equipment will be conveyed.

Aerial device – 15M

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