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Conductor Cover

Conductor Cover

The conductor cover is made with specific characteristics for construction and maintenance services in energized networks. Designed for application using the rubber glove method, its ends are endorsed with male/female fitting, which allow firm connections of two or more units.

This cover is manufactured in high density polyethylene.

PA0130034Conductor cover, Ø 25 mm BT, 1310 mm, 14,6 kV
PA0130031Conductor cover, Ø 25 mm AT, 1500 mm, 14,6 kV
PA0130032Conductor cover, Ø 25 mm AT, 1500 mm, 26,4 kV
PA0130033Conductor cover, Ø 25 mm AT, 1450 mm, 36,6 kV
PA0440262Grip-all Adapter For Conductor Cover
NetworkRated Voltage
Approx. Weight
PA01300341310Até 25 mmBT14,6 kV0.350.77
PA01300311500Até 25 mmAT14,6 kV0.901.98
PA01300321500Até 25 mmAT26,4 kV0.901.98
PA01300331450Até 25 mmAT36,6 kV1.603.53
PA0440262Made of aluminum, this grip-all adapter is used for mount the covers on the network with a hot-stick.0.150.33

Conductor Cover

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