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Hinged Grip-all Clampstick

Hinged Grip-all Clampstick

Ideal when there is limited tool storage space in vehicles, this foldable version operates with the same features as the one-piece grip-all clampstick. It is used in the maintenance of aerial transmission lines, substations, distribution and power plants, factories and etc.

This stick is built in fiberglass reinforced with epoxy resin and polyurethane foam core. It has aluminum alloy handle, bronze alloy lock, polyethylene injected head with rest holder, and folding junction in aluminum alloy. It has at the end of its head a hook mechanism that is triggered (open or retracted) by means of the sliding handle that has a safety latch that must be actuated for the retraction of the hook.

Rated working capacity (traction): 133 daN (293 lb) for all models.

Reference Description
PA0060052Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 2000 mm
PA0060110Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 2590 mm
PA0060086Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 3200 mm
PA0060056Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 3800 mm
PA0060068Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 4420 mm
PA0060112Hinged Grip-all Clampstick, Ø 32 x 5030 mm
Reference Diameter(mm)
Dimensions (mm) Rated Working Capacity
Approx. Weight
Kg lb

Hinged Grip-all Clampstick

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