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Insulated Jumper Set

Insulated Jumper Set

The insulatd jumper set is used to perform the temporary deviation (bypassing) of energy in interventions in energized installations.
In the case of the jumper set with snap-on (duckbill-type) clamp its application is by the hot stick method, with the help of grip-all clampsticks.

This model is constructed by flexible copper conductor, with semiconductive tape shielding, EPR insulation (EPDM) with 90º C operating temperature and polychloroprene (PCP) jacket in orange color. It has two snap-on (duckbill-type) clamps, with aluminum body and bronze eyescrew, one at each end.

Clamp connection capability range from Ø 4 to 29 mm.

Reference Description
PA0440213Insulated Jumper Set, 2 AWG, 3700 mm, grampo isolado
PA0440231Insulated Jumper Set, 2 AWG, 3700 mm, grampo torção
PA0440023Insulated Jumper Set, 2 AWG, 4600 mm, grampo torção
PA0440214Insulated Jumper Set, 1/0, 3700 mm, grampo isolado
PA0440025Insulated Jumper Set, 1/0, 3700 mm, grampo torção
PA0440230Insulated Jumper Set, 1/0, 4600 mm, grampo isolado
PA0440224Insulated Jumper Set, 1/0, 4600 mm, grampo torção
PA0440114Insulated Jumper Set, 2/0, 3700 mm, grampo torção
PA0440159Insulated Jumper Set, 2/0, 4600 mm, grampo isolado
PA0440026Insulated Jumper Set, 2/0, 4600 mm, grampo torção
PA0440225Insulated Jumper Set, 4/0, 3700 mm, grampo torção
PA0440027Insulated Jumper Set, 4/0, 4600 mm, grampo torção
Item ReferenceCable
Overall Length (mm)Rated
Current Capacity (A)
Grampo na borda
1PA04402132 AWG3700200PA0440134
2PA04402312 AWG3700200PA0040008
3PA04400232 AWG4600200PA0040008

Insulated Jumper Set

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