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Pole cover

Pole cover

The Pole cover is used for insulating protection when installing or changing poles.

This cover is made of orange high density polyethylene. Features polypropylene rope handle for easy installation and removal with insulating gloves.

PA0130003Pole cover, Ø 100 x 300 mm
PA0130004Pole cover, Ø 100 x 600 mm
PA0130005Pole cover, Ø 100 x 900 mm
PA0130006Pole cover, Ø 100 x 1200 mm
PA0130007Pole cover, Ø 150 x 300 mm
PA0130009Pole cover, Ø 150 x 600 mm
PA0130010Pole cover, Ø 150 x 900 mm
PA0130011Pole cover, Ø 150 x 1200 mm
PA0130045Pole cover, Ø 150 x 1800 mm
PA0130012Pole cover, Ø 230 x 300 mm
PA0130013Pole cover, Ø 230 x 600 mm
PA0130014Pole cover, Ø 230 x 900 mm
PA0130015Pole cover, Ø 230 x 1200 mm
PA0130016Pole cover, Ø 230 x 1800 mm
PA0130017Pole cover, Ø 300 x 300 mm
PA0130018Pole cover, Ø 300 x 600 mm
PA0130048Pole cover, Ø 300 x 900 mm
PA0130019Pole cover, Ø 300 x 1200 mm
Dimensions (mm)Test Voltage
Rated Voltage
Approx. Weight
PA013000310030024 kV26,4 kV0.400.88
PA013000410060024 kV26,4 kV0.801.76
PA013000510090024 kV26,4 kV1.202.65
PA0130006100120024 kV26,4 kV1.603.53
PA013000715030024 kV26,4 kV0.501.10
PA013000915060024 kV26,4 kV0.901.98
PA013001015090024 kV26,4 kV1.302.87
PA0130011150120024 kV26,4 kV1.703.75
PA0130045150180024 kV26,4 kV2.204.85
PA0130012230*30032 kV36,6 kV1.202.65
PA0130013230*60032 kV36,6 kV2.204.85
PA0130014230*90032 kV36,6 kV3.307.28
PA0130015230*120032 kV36,6 kV5.0011.02
PA0130016230*180032 kV36,6 kV7.5016.53
PA0130017300*30032 kV36,6 kV1.503.31
PA0130018300*60032 kV36,6 kV2.805.51
PA0130048300*90032 kV36,6 kV3.808.38
PA0130019300*120032 kV36,6 kV5.8012.79
PA0130020300*180032 kV36,6 kV8.1017.86
The Ø 230 mm and 300 mm covers have internal grooves.

Pole cover

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