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Roller Link Stick

Roller Link Stick

The roller link stick is used to pull away and keep the energized conductor in tension in the middle of the span, to get more workspace when changing the pole. When placed on the conductor, it is supported on the roller of the stick, allowing easy movement along the line, with the aid of a rope or block fixed to the rotating eye, pulled by the electrician in the ground.

Manufactured from a fiberglass insulating tube impregnated with epoxy resin and polyurethane foam core, with a diameter of 1 ½” (Ø 32mm). Its hook and roller is made of aluminum alloy, installed on a threaded pin, responsible for its rotation for the closure and opening of the jaw, where the conductor is fixed. Heat-treated aluminum alloy heads, forged steel rotating eye, bearing for smooth rotation.

Reference Description
PA0440121Roller Link Stick, 32 x 1740 mm
Reference Description Diameter Length (mm)Nominal Working Capacity (Kgf)Approx. Weight (Kg)
PA0440210Roller Link Stick3217404542.80

Roller Link Stick

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