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Sectional Hot Stick

Sectional Hot Stick

The sectional hot stick is developed with modern technology, standing out for their quality, ease of maneuver in opening and closing keys in the operation of temporary grounding and similar; transmission lines, substations, distribution, power plants, industries, etc.

Made of fiberglass, reinforced with epoxy resin and internally protected with a polyurethane core. It is formed by standardized, sectional and interchangeable elements (sections), which facilitates the handling, transport and packaging of the sticks. The sections are attachable through fitting, with quick coupling pin locking. The tip section has a universal head.

PA0060010Tip section, Ø 32 x 1250 mm
PA0060128Tip section, Light model, Ø 25 x 1250 mm
PA0060009Middle section, Ø 38 x 1250 mm
PA0060127Middle section, Light model, Ø 32 x 1250 mm
PA0060008Handle Section Ø 38 x 1450 mm
PA0060126Handle Section, Light model, Ø 32 x 1450 mm
PA0060013Hot Stick, 02 Sections
PA0060014Hot Stick, 03 Sections
PA0060022Hot Stick, 04 Sections
PA0060023Hot Stick, 05 Sections
PA0060024Hot Stick, 06 Sections
PA0060123Hot Stick, 02 Sections, Light model
PA0060114Hot Stick 03 Sections, Light model
PA0060124Hot Stick 04 Sections, Light model
PA0060125Hot Stick, 05 Sections, Light model
Useful Length
Overall Length
Approx. Weight
Kg lb

Sectional Hot Stick

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