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Swivel Stick

Swivel Stick

The swivel stick is used basically in the separation of ropes.

This stick is made of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy resin and polyurethane foam core. It has at its ends heads made of aluminum alloy, with rotating eyes in forged steel that allow the passage of the rope.

PA0060031Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 1540 x 1700 mm
PA0060005Swivel Stick, Ø 25 x 1540 x 1700 mm
PA0060001Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 1540 x 1700 mm
PA0060089Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 1720 x 2010 mm
PA0060088Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 2330 x 2610 mm
PA0060087Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 2900 x 3180 mm
PA0060036Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 3120 x 3500 mm
PA0060067Swivel Stick, Ø 32 x 3540 x 3920 mm
PA0060037Swivel Stick, Ø 38 x 1020 x 1400 mm
PA0060050Swivel Stick, Ø 38 x 1470 x 1850 mm
Rated Working CapacityApprox. Weight
PA006003125 mm420 mm580 mm800 daN (1764 lb)0.631.39
PA006000525 mm1540 mm1700 mm800 daN (1764 lb)1.733.81
PA006000132 mm1540 mm1700 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)1.182.60
PA006008932 mm1720 mm2000 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)1.904.19
PA006008832 mm2330 mm2610 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)2.605.73
PA006008732 mm2900 mm3180 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)4.209.26
PA006003632 mm3120 mm3500 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)4.6010.14
PA006006732 mm3540 mm3920 mm1588 daN (3500 lb)5.1011.24
PA006003738 mm1020 mm1400 mm2948 daN (6500 lb)2.254.96
PA006005038 mm1470 mm1850 mm2948 daN (6500 lb)2.956.50

Swivel Stick

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